January 5, 2011

I am a Trekker

(Andrew's Note: Get a load of THIS one...I tried to tell her this is going to be damaging...)

Up until this point in our blogging, I feel as if I've not been completely honest in my... our... (her) narcissistic ramblings about life.  But the time has come for a post concerning a deep dark secret in my life.  

You see, I try, I really really try, to not act the nerd that I am.  
I realize that being a band director doesn't help my cause, but I really do put forth the effort.  I hate make up, but I wear it in small quantities to attempt make looking at me a bit easier on the world.  I hate purses, I could efficiently carry (and still lose) everything I need (ID, Debit Card & Car Key) in one of those money clip things with a key attachment, but I carry a purse because, and this is not a joke, my mom and sister buy me one every year... I've never actually bought a purse.  I hate girly shoes, if I could wear my OneStars everyday for the rest of my life, I would be a very happy clam.  

You get the general idea, right?

But these, my friends, are just a small token of nerdiness compared this: 

I love Star Trek.  (It's true.)

So does this guy

Maybe love isn't an accurate word, I'm moderately obsessed with Star Trek, and more specifically, Star Trek Voyager.  (It's a TV show for those of you 'cool' people).  

Star Trek: Voyager 
For the record, I'd like to go ahead and blame mom and dad and Malaysia for this new level of nerdiness.  See, they were huge fans of Star Trek:  The Next Generation  (or T.N.G. in trekker lingo ((that's right kids, we're known as 'trekkers' ))).  And in Malaysia (where I grew up), there weren't many English speaking shows on TV, but those Malaysians had their priorities right and had Star Trek: TNG on every Sunday afternoon.  It was a Livingston family event.  Chris would even sit under the TV screen and duck every time the space ship would fly by... exciting times.  

This turned me into what is known as a 'trekker', NOT, a 'trekkie'.  The all knowing Wikipedia says this:  "Trekkers are the ones "walking with the cast/show" while the Trekkies are the ones content to simply sit and watch Star Trek." (call her a trekkie and see what happens)

If you read that and understood it, your nerdiness just shot up by at least 10 points. (Computer, analyze nerdiness shot for neucleon beams.  Shields up.)
Star Trek: Voyager began running on TV when I was in middle school and I watched it until it ended my senior year of high school.  I literally scheduled my entire week around Voyager episodes since these were the days before DVR and hulu.com.  I never, ever, missed an episode. (or a chance to get on Star Trek fan sites)
When I met Andrew my sophomore year of college, I didn't reveal any of this until the "we're probably going to get engaged soon" stage.  Then I casually mentioned that to be married to me is to love Star Trek.  Being that he was a Star Wars person, we had a few issues to work out, but he eventually married me.  : ) (To those that know my beautiful wife, you will not be surprised to hear that she gave me a list of things that she wanted in a significant other...this was NOT on it.  I would've had to square some things up in my soul...)  Our second year of marriage, a station in KY started running Voyager rerun episodes on TV and we began recording and watching them together.... Blissful nerdiness!  And (this just shows you that again, Andrew and I were made for each other), Andrew loves the show!  Whoot! (I kicked and screamed at first but I really did come to like it in all its mid-late 90's glory.  I was also just starting Student Teaching at the time and I felt a certain draw to the story...we were all starting a new voyage together blahhdeeblahhdeeblah.  Dangit.  I just leaked my own nerdiness like a breach in the warp core.  DANGIT!  
I've realized that you actually CAN like Star Trek and Star Wars at the same time...you just have to have one as the punching bag that you complain about and say you hate but secretly it's not so bad...)

On to the present.  
So, no kidding, for Christmas the last, oh, 9 years or so, I've been asking for Star Trek: Voyager DVDs.  And this year, persistence paid off and I am now a proud owner of all seven seasons of the show.  : )  (I'm not sure where the set came from...there's Chinese on the back of the disc, the outer cover graphics have little to do with Star Trek, and the main characters are not listed on the back of the box with all the others.  Not to mention phantom subtitles that show up every so often and disc # 23 that seems to be missing)  I am a very very happy clam.  Andrew and I spent a large quantity of Christmas break watching the first and second seasons.  I really don't know what we're going to do when we finish the 7th season.  Now that I've admitted this to you, please *please* still be my friend...

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  1. NERD PRIDE!!! dont hang your head in shame...wear your nerd (not the red shirt)...own your nerd. im a total nerd/dork, but you went to school with me so you should know this. im a star wars/star trek person myself. and yes i put them in that order for a reason. i liked star wars long before i like star trek....but im ok with that. thankfully i to am going to marry someone that enjoys both. well, he likes anything space related...anything. we still love you!! o and we need to meet up and have dinner again...soon.

  2. By that Wikipedia definition, I guess I'm a Trekkie...I'm content to simply sit and watch Trek. I love TNG and the original series as well as most of the movies (though Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is simply dumb), but I never got into any of the other series: Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise. Maybe I should give 'em a try...