October 6, 2013

And then we... let the dogs design the nursery.

This is Little Lady's new home.  We hope she likes it, we certainly do.

Sometimes we just sit in here... it won't be this quiet or this clean ever again, we're trying to soak it up while it lasts.  (Andrew's note: Before we're soaking up all manner of nasty fluids, that is.)  Here are a few snapshots into this little sanctuary.

If you're interested in where we purchased everything you see here, skip to the bottom.  And if you're interested in seeing these pictures at the highest quality, check out my photography website.  Blogger (this website) tends to degrade pictures and make them a bit fuzzy, my photography website features them at their best!  It's also a great place to see what I've been up to in my free time here in Ras Tanura!



Welcome to Little Lady's room.
Shhh.... her name is still a secret!

Our color theme was turquoise, aqua, white and gray... with a smidge of dachshund.  
And..... NO PINK!
Okay, so maybe more than a smidge of our furry friends.
(That one's cut in half - that counts as less total dachshund, right?)
I love these beautiful bamboo swaddle blankets!
Oh, we went a little crazy with bunting banners.
They criss cross the ceiling and bring all the colors of the room together.
And look in the background!  What's that peeking out??

Little Won Ton's/Chiles!  This mobile is so whimsical!
(Won Tons.  Chile has no part in this room, apart from peeing on the corner of the chair when we're not watching him.)

This is the closest the dachshunds will ever get to the crib.

We went with a gray color scheme for the bedding and crib skirt to help balance the turquoise/white.

So many good books, so little space!
Thanks to my sister Lindsey for her yearly gift to us of some of the best children's books!
(Ok, fine, there's a Chile in the top left corner.  It's all I would allow)

'Cause every bookshelf looks better when under bunting banners.

Okay, sorry.  I just love these bunting banners!  (Stop saying "bunting banners".)

The ottoman is missing the gray slipcover, it should arrive soon!
Check out the adorable dachshund pillow!!!

This little guy was found in a small dachshund-themed shop in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England about 6 years ago.
We also need to fill that picture frame.  

The mobile lazily spins all day.  (Much like Won Ton and Chile)

It's a happy place.

(.........bunting banners........)

Furniture:  (Potter Barn Kids)
Changing Table:
Side Table:
White accent carpet (blanket):  Pottery Barn

Etsy Accents:  (Etsy is a website dedicated to handmade & vintage items)
Dachshund divided picture:
Dachshund pillow:
Dachshund Mobile:
Bunting Banners:

Non-Etsy Accents: (Zara Home, Target, Marshalls & Ikea)
Curtain Panel: (Target)
Hamper: (Zara Home)
Bamboo Blankets: (Aden + Anais)
Trash Can: (IKEA)
Turquoise/Aqua picture frames & aqua toy basket: (Target & Marshalls)
White Lamps: (IKEA)

"Little Bean" picture banner: (Made by Adrienne Gustafson)
This was actually a cake topper from my baby shower that was repurposed!  
Thanks to Adrienne Gustafason, my awesome sister-in-law, for her creativity!!


  1. Love love love love love it! Great choice on the dachshund theme - probably the first of its kind for a nursery. Great job! - Beth

  2. Oh my gosh, it looks great! I tracked your blog from my shop traffic. Thanks so much for linking my store. Perfect job on the nursery!!

    - Danielle from Happy Tail Prints

  3. I love it!!! I totally sent you the wrong color of dachshund stuffed animal!!! We too went with a blue on the walls! I need to post ours. Your nursery looks like it's from a magazine!