A Backpacker's Packing List

A few years ago we backpacked for 5 weeks through Southeast Asia, here is how we packed our backpacks.  This list can be adapted for any country you travel to, it is, however, specifically geared towards Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia). 

Redmon’s 5 Week Asia Trip
Packing List

Questions we asked ourselves:
1.     Length of trip?
2.     Climate(s)/temperature?
3.     Access to laundromat?
4.     What activities will I be doing?
5.     How much am I willing to carry?
6.     Will I be with my pack at all times, or do I need a day bag?

Packing materials:
       1. 3700 cu. inch (60 liters) backpack (you don’t need a 5-6000 cubic inch bag!)
       2.  Day bag (make sure it can be locked with external lock or zipper and is comfortable)
       3.  Zip lock bags (gallon size storage for almost everything)
       4.  waterproof backpack cover
Clothes: (we hand washed our clothes)
1.     5 shirts (short sleeve, high cut, no tank tops)
2.     2 pairs of LONG shorts w/zipper pockets (below the knee length)
3.     5 pairs of underwear, 2 bras
4.     cool/light pj’s 1
5.      nice outfit (long dress that doesn’t wrinkle, nice shirt for guy)
Night Stuff:
1.     Cheap Wal-mart towel (cotton for quick drying)
2.     Camping pillow (should roll up and condense to smaller size)
3.     Hostel sheet (sew a queen size cotton sheet length wise and bottom)
Travel Essentials: (store this stuff in zip locks)
1.     shampoo
2.     body wash
3.     razor with 1 replacement head
4.     ear plugs
5.     eye mask
6.     antibacterial travel size gel
7.     antibacterial wipes
8.     liquid laundry soap (we used Woolite travel packets)
9.     Laundry drying line (www.ricksteves.com)
10.  Sink stopper
11.  TSA approved bag locks with keys hidden in 2 locations
12.  4 Inch MagLight (flashlight)
13.  toothbrush with protective case/toothpaste travel size
14.  lotion
15.  Guidebook pages of your destination torn out
16.  Paperback book to read and exchange at a hostel
17.  Granola bar/snacks
18.  Deodorant/cologne (travel size)
19.  Nikon D40X, 2 4 gig memory cards
20.  Thumb drive for backup of pictures and aid with blog updates
Safety essentials:
1.     passport
2.     2 photocopies of passport (laminated and kept in different locations)
3.     2 photocopies of drivers license (laminated)
Health essentials: (disperse between day bag and backpack in quart size zip locks)
1.     Neosporin spray
2.     Band-aid (sports ones)
3.     Anti-diarrhea medication
4.     Pain medicine for headaches/pains
5.     General antibiotic
6.     Benadryl for bites and reactions
7.     Personal medications
8.     Q-tips
9.     Alcohol wipes 

1.     Velcro strap sandals (Columbia, Teva)
2.     Flip flops (for nasty hostel showers)
3.     We did not bring athletic shoes but used the Velcro sandals instead
4.     Carabineer (to attach shoes to bag if wet)