June 13, 2010

Raw fish and long needles....

Each summer, Andrew and I work in his mom's Gwinnett Young Singers music camp. ( I know, me working at a singing camp is just comical.) However, the last 2 summers I've not been able to go because I've been in grad classes, but Andrew goes, and he is now gone for the whole week.

Lindsey, who is in grad school at Baylor, came home for the weekend, so she Chris and I decided to have a bit of fun around Houston. Side note: Lindsey has Mom and Dad's credit card.

Chris just got a new job as a sales engineer (weird combo right?), so he now has money of his own, which is good for a change!

First stop, Ra Sushi... not the best sushi in Houston, but definitely they cheapest fancy sushi. They have happy hour for sushi from 3:30-7:00 in the evenings, which makes it a popular place for foodies on a budget! Here is the happy hour menu:

You'd think that I would take a picture of the sushi art/food but no, we devoured it too quickly, sorry.

Ra is located in City Center, which is a new area of Houston in the town and country area. The whole area has quite a few fun and expensive restuarants, and I never quite feel like I'm dressed appropriately when I go there. Yesterday, I saw a hip young mom in really short shorts, a cute top and stilettos pushing a posh stroller with a well-dressed baby in it. I meanwhile, am wearing my Express top, long white shorts, and I haven't washed my hair since Friday, oh, and I don't have a kid.

Anyway, we then went to the Yardhouse for dessert. Yum! Instead of having to choose, we got the sampler with Peach cobbler, Molten Chocolate cake, and something else lemony. It was divine!

Then... the fun began.

Lindsey and I have been talking for quite a while about getting tattoos. Both of us though, don't really have the guts to go through with it. Not to mention, the idea of me at 85 with a saggy wrinkled imprint on my back is just...nauseating. Second on our 'insanity' list is to get various things pierced, Lindsey wanted her cartilage pierced, and I, my nose. One of my friends in my small group got her's pierced this past week and it got me thinking again.

So, yeah... we did it.

Can I just say that I realize that I will have to take it out for each school day? I do know that, thank you. And can I also say that this wasn't a last minute, spur of the moment decision. I grew up in Asia where almost every non-American woman had one of these, I just think they're pretty and unique and have since I was a little kid.

Anyway, back to the gory details! If you don't like those ridiculous live medical shows on TV, I wouldn't scroll any lower, some of these pictures are a bit graphic.

I, being the brave big sister, went first. This was our nice mutilator-friend. Isn't the room nice? It was just like being in a doctors office, but with heavy metal music in the background.

First he steralized the area of makeup, oh wait, I wasn't wearing any.

Then he put a recieving tube to catch the needle as it goes through my nose, then he told me to take a deep breath, then OUCH, blood, and done!

Ta da! Itty bitty little nose diamond! The guy told me he was proud of me, he said I was one of the only people who didn't cry.

Now for Lindsey's turn!

Preparing the needles, she had 2!

She got to lay down for the procedure...

Although you can't tell here, he put one needle in from the left, and then inserted a new needle into that needle from the right, and pulled both back through to the left. Then, he inserted the jewel and she was done!

So pretty! Although, she does look a little white...

Aren't we brave?!

Fun times all around. Chris was there but refused to participate in the fun, wouldn't he look good with an eyebrow stud?

So that was our night. After all of that, I texted Andrew a picture. He thought it was a joke. Just wait till he sees the pictures... ha! He'll never leave me alone again!


  1. You guys are awesome! Love it!

  2. PLEASE tell me your eyes watered though...mine did! It def. wasn't a cry, but my eyes were flooded immediately!
    I think it's AWESOME!!! AND super cute!