April 16, 2011

Garden + money + BluRay = Banana Peppers + laptop + X. Solve for X.

 So this week brought two momentous events in the Redmon house.  The first is that we recieved our $10,000 checks from Fund for Teachers!  The second is that we harvested a banana pepper from our herb/veggie garden.  And while those might not seem all that compatible of events, the mere fact that I grew something and didn't kill it makes me feel as if I should get some sort of award. (Andrew's Note: Another $10,000 grant from the Herbological Society of West Houston!!)

Hmm... I think I like the canned ones better.

My aunt once had a sign for her flower garden that had something to the effect of "Grow.. Damn it" on the sign... My feelings exactly.  (Wife!  Stop cussing!)  (Allison:  What?!! I'm relaying information!!)

Banana pepper, basil and oregano fresh from the garden.  We washed them really well just in case the dog christened them.
Big surprise last night when eating the banana pepper...you know how they have kind of a sour-briney taste?  Yea.... they don't taste like that from the garden.  Must be the lack of a jar.  (That seems incredibly obvious to us now, but we just assumed it would taste like the jarred ones.)  Anyway, we made veggie-herb pizza.  
Andrew is lame and won't eat olives...(Allison was lame and didn't want to put bacon all over it.)

It was healthy.... then we added an entire bag of cheese.

On to the other event- Money!  

This is right after we got our checks.... notice that Andrew wouldn't let me keep mine... punk. (By the way, she's on her 4th cell phone...not because they break but because she's lost them.  2 of them in the same movie theater.  No, seriously.)
2 things:  Andrew is one of 6 guys who got the grant.  I am one of the youngest females.

Evidently, spending someone elses money is extremely fun.  Although, Andrew doesn't seem to be getting into the spirit of things..  Last night we were in Best Buy getting ready to purchase a new laptop and video camera and he literally looked panicked.  When you're not used to having a spare 10 grande in your bank account, making large purchases can be a bit unnerving.  (I'm getting used to it REAL quick...)

Grant money already negatively impacting our marriage, Exhibit A

We spent Friday evening setting up the new laptop, eating veggie pizza, and watching the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 on BluRay.  (not funded by the grant for the record, although I could probably justify it (Ummm...I'm pretty sure there's a castle involved?  Or...it's British!  Yeah, it's British.)).  I think my favorite date nights these days are the times when we don't actually leave the house.... lame and relaxing... just my style.  (It is just her style ;-)  She said it, not me.) 


  1. hahahaha! you guys are awesome!
    i love how the Reds are going Green. My aunt has a compost-er in her backyard.
    Next step: build a koi pond.
    Are koi edible?
    i guess anything is edible.

    and im so excited for you guys with the grant! Mr. Reds: safeguard the $$$. :)

  2. Thanks to the wonderful Jordan Cole for fixing our abysmal grammar errors... what would we do without you.... cough, cough.