July 23, 2011

Dublin! Thank goodness for side mirrors that fold in!

Here we are in Dublin!  We're staying the night in Trinity College (University of Dublin).  

This is also my first time driving over here...we made it from the airport through the center of Dublin and to the College....for the most part.  Driving on the other side is not a huge deal.  Even the roundabouts are not awful, but the worst part is not being able to judge where I am on my new passenger's side!  Daniel told us that about when he drove in Scotland and it's very true.  I sideswiped one parked car's mirror with mine on that side, but thank GOODNESS for fold-in mirrors - no damage!  :-) Allison's Note:  There were about 10 seconds of screaming on both our parts.  Thank goodness for the Garman GPS.  I don't even care how much they charged us for it, it has been a lifesaver.  We set it to "American English" : )  And she even tells you in detail how to attempt the roundabout.  It's like she knows that we don't have but one in Houston.

Right now, we're off to my REAL homeland (so I'm told) - County Wexford.  There is a Redmon(d) Square and Statue...I'm a really big deal down there :-)  (I'm not.)  Actually, that's what I'm going to find out...we'll see!  We're stopping on the way down in the Wicklow Mountains to do some hiking so the next post should have some good pictures!  Driving again!  Pray for me!

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