August 4, 2012

Saudi Arabia here we come!

Overweight suitcases?  Check.  Baggy clothes that cover the elbows?  Check.  
Well, the day is finally here!  (Andrew's Note: Wait, didn't school just end??!)  In a few hours we're off to Saudi Arabia to live in Ras Tanura!  And before I get too carried away with pictures, here is some ways to stay in contact with us.

1.  This blog!  If you're already reading this you get a gold star for effort.  Well done.  However, if the whole "check-the-blog-once-a-week" thing is just asking way too much of you, scroll to the bottom and input your email.  Then the post will be sent to you.  It's like idiot proof.  Really.  (Really)

2.  Phone:  You can call and text us for free.  And while I'm not going to post our phone number on this page, (sketch) just Facebook or email us and we'll get you the number which should be active in about a week.

3.  Vonage:  If you download the Vonage app, (free), you can text and call us as well at the number I mentioned above.

4.  Email:  Allison (  Andrew (

5.  Skype:  aredmon10 or AllyJReds

Summary:  It's a small world.  Make it smaller by staying in contact with us, and we'll do the same.

On to other items.  We spent much of July traveling the US visiting Andrew's family and both our grandparents.  And while I'm not sure it really felt like a vacation, we were so glad to get to catch up with the people we don't see every day.

We actually drove from Houston to Atlanta, GA to see Andrew's family, and then drove to Florida to visit all the grandparents.  We also might or might not have dropped in on Harry Potter World and Epcot.  You can't just pass up butterbeer, people.  Honestly.  (We also may or may not have gotten our car hit by the occasional grandparent...)   

The happiest place on earth is no longer Disney World.  

I'd trade flying in business class to Saudi for a ride on the Hogwarts Express anyday.

Grandmommy on the left!  Granny and Pappa on the right.  What inspirational people!

Andrew's sisters (bottom right) and their families (top left), and kids (bottom left).  Non stop action at these houses!

Hope and I!  Andrew and Chris and Lindsey.  Going to miss my siblings so so so so so much. 
Our best friends!  Natalie, Christina and I.  Brandon, Stephen and Andrew.  Going to miss our international foodie nights and fellowship.  These friends are irreplaceable.  

And our family.  Wow.  Thanks Mom and Dad for instilling a LOVE of travel in to us!  We love y'all  so very much and will miss our hysterical conversations at dinner every week.  Your support in this process has meant a lot.  Oh, and we're sorry you have to keep the dogs for an extra month.  Our bad. 


  1. We'll be praying for y'all today. The Sofka Family :)

  2. Here's to the beginning of a whole new round of awesome blog posts :) And I love the first picture of you 2... I'd say your faces are the very definition of 'pensive smiles' :) LOVE YOU!!

  3. Allison Abbott8/7/12, 6:45 PM

    So excited for you all! Going to keep up with the blog every week! Hope you 2 are settling in and getting some rest! We all love you both very much. Looking forward to Face Timing soon!

  4. I miss yall8/12/12, 5:11 AM

    i miss y'all so much !!!!!