February 1, 2013

... and then we celebrated Christmas.

Today we celebrated Christmas.

There was a pink tree.  And funny people.  And a dog.  
(Andrew's Note: And NO bacon.  Certainly no bacon was lovingly consumed.)

We ate stuffed french toast made by my friend Erin with real maple syrup that we brought back from Houston.  And we were reminded to be thankful for our new friends and new life here in the Middle East. 

And we were busy in December so February 1st seemed as good a day as any to do Christmas.

Christmas brunch at Jeff & Erin's house (Jerin)
Erin & Jeff & Ducky.
Ducky is the dog.  He is cute.
They will have a baby soon.
Ducky doesn't know this yet.
Good food.
Better friends. 
Erin tells us all a story about trying to buy a crib at Pottery Barn.
A much more difficult task when you don't speak Arabic.
Our napkins had words. 
Ducky gave Candace's gift his seal of approval.
Andres teaches Kindergarten 
Amanda works at RT Middle School
Candace teaches first grade
Ducky licks the floor.

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