May 27, 2010

Husband vs. the Clog!

Did you know that corn husks don't go down the disposal? Andrew, alas, didn't. Dinner tonight was leftover ribs, artichokes, and corn on the cob. Very southern, yes? In a valiant effort to save time, Andrew stuffed three ears of corns husks down the disposal. The result was not a pretty picture. Imagine bucket loads of grayish-pink, stringy slop water in place of where my kitchen sink should be. (Or just think of Galveston).

First he used the toilet plunger... ewww (I'm trying not to throw up), which didn't work. Then we decided to eat dinner. Of course my parents decided to choose this night to make a surprise visit. Then he pulled apart all the pipes beneath the sink.

Finally he went to Lowe's and bought some fancy snake thing which gets to the clog when it's underneath the house... mmmmm, corn husks fermenting underneath my feet. Here is a bit of the husk... doesn't he look happy?

At the moment, the water goes down but still bubbles. This could be troublesome for my shower. You'll have to come back tomorrow to hear how this epic battle is won. Meanwhile, I'm seriously considering dropping corn from our diet.

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