May 29, 2010

Redmons vs. the Cruise!

FYI - Thanks to Mr. Dave Trigg, the clog is fixed! If that happens to you, cram a garden hose in the outside access cap to your pipes and turn it on...your house will be spewing putrid foulness at you in no time, then it all just goes through! Good times.

Well, we leave tomorrow for our 7 day cruise - right now we're packing.
This is my current pile.

Am I supposed to bring something else?

WonTon was very nice and put on a display for us this morning. It's nice to feel missed...

I'm pretty excited to sit around and do nothing all day. We're not too sure how much we're going to like being on a cruise since we prefer backpacking and cultural things, but since our list for this vacation was 1) Sit around and do nothing and 2) lay around on a beach, I think this will be just what we're looking for. I'm kindof at a loss for words as to what to say about it since we haven't experienced it yet, so this post is not going to be that exciting. Allison says it's a blog and that's OK. I write as if people are actually reading this, which I'll believe when I see it :-) Soooo for my riveting ending, our current question is "Should we bring season 1 of Lost to watch at night in the room?" Given the location and subject of that show, perhaps not. Maybe I'll bring Braveheart instead....

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  1. Someone IS reading this :) keep it comin'!