June 22, 2010

My sports issues...

As previously mentioned, I don't do sports. And when I say that, I really need you to understand that I am not exaggerating in any way, shape or form. I fall into the brilliant category of 'athletically challenged'. You know how in junior high you had to play ridiculous sports like say, volleyball, and your P.E. teacher chose the two most popular varsity players to choose members for their teams? Well I was ALWAYS the last one sitting there, next to my other band nerd friend Elizabeth, trying to blend in with the white painted wall, because well, I had no tan because I didn't go outside because I didn't play sports.

In Texas we have the additional privlidge of having to do square dancing as apart of gym class and each year, no kidding, I must have sucked so badly that instead of getting a male partner to square dance with, I had to be paried with a female... really??? really???

I was in band. While the rest of the girls in my grade did whatever it is you do after school if you're not in band, I was practicing flute.. for like hours, going to private lessons (flute of course), and hanging out with my band friends, who were all sympathetic to my nerdiness because in our world, sports were evil and music was awesome (picture me holding up a thumbs up sign here).

I'm almost blushing with the absolute nerdiness of all of this. Unfortunately, now that I'm some semblance of an adult, I teach band, yes folks, I now teach the nerds.... It's like an instant community of people who all are nerds... such acceptance.
ANYWAY, this really is going somewhere... My brother Chris who is quite the jock decided that it would be fun on Saturday night to go to a 'driving range'. Now, for those of you who are band people and need a quick translation, a driving range is not in fact a place for you to practicing your mad steering wheel skillz, nope, it's a place to hit?.. shoot?...wack? (not sure of the terminology) golf balls. Lucky for you, Chris got some pretty amazing video on his fancy new blackberry, and I have posted it for your viewing pleasure, knowing full well that I look utterly ridiculous. But first, a few pics from the outing...

This is me trying to be siked... Chris said, "look excited Ally".

Here is Clay, a friend of ours, who is awesome a golf. I'm trying to understand what he is teaching me but 27 years of no sports means everything he's saying is greek.

Chris is good. Look at the form!! Straight back, slightly bent knees, straight left arm, slightly bent left arm... sigh.

About 5 of these actually made contact with my club.

And now for the video. I took 2 takes, the first one if BEFORE I was told how to swing and hit a golf ball, the second one is once I had had some practice. Enjoy!

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