June 26, 2010

On Unruly Dachshunds

We went to the Galleria yesterday and went to a store called Puperazzi. One of our friends has a dachshund and she got some socks for hers and said it's really funny to watch them hop around...so we got some too!
Unfortunately they're non-skid :-), so they don't slide around. They do, however, hop around like frogs because they want them off their feet. Good times.

Speaking of hopping (I guess), Chile has always been more...athletic...than Won Ton. There's a rumor that has circulated for 5 years that Won Ton is fat. He's not fat! He's just built stockier than Chile! You can't compare them...that would be like comparing a well adjusted, solidly built apple and a neurotic, issue-ridden orange with a raging metabolism and a bladder control problem. Anyway, Chile runs and jumps around much more than Won Ton. He can pretty well leap from the floor into your lap at the dinner table (which is impressive for a dachshund!)

Since we now have a backyard and that backyard has a big tree in it, Chile has taken to CLIMBING the tree to get to the squirrels above. Luckily he can only go so high, but he has fallen out of it once and had to spend a day recuperating in his box so that he could prepare to do it again the next day. We managed to film it yesterday!

I have a feeling the vet bills when he's old are going to be ridiculous...

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  1. PLEASE video them on with the socks!! esp. Chile!!!