August 27, 2010

Morning person

An old style alarm clock.
 And... the school year has started.  Which means my love/hate relationship with my alarm clock has returned.  It really shouldn't be legal to wake up at 5:30 AM.  In fact, there are a few professions that I could under no circumstances, do. 
(Andrew's Note:  One of those is definitely an alarm clock tester)
shipley donutShipleys Donut person.... good gravy, is it really worth the $.50, to sell a donut at 5 AM?
(Andrew's Note: Probably if Shipley's made biscuits and gravy it would be really good gravy.)
BELL 206L4 - N420TV KPRC TV Channel 2 Houston ...    The Channel 2 news people.... their broadcast BEGINS at 4:30 AM. What the heck?  They probably have to go in for makeup at like 4 AM, which means they are leaving their house around the 3 AM hour.  I'm stressed just thinking about this.  
(Andrew's Note:  I'm Facebook friends with the two anchors and the weatherman!!!)
Starbucks on Briggate
Starbucks store opener... I'm not even sure this qualifies as a job I wouldn't want to do, as there is coffee involved (albeit, bad coffee).  I bet all Starbucks openers make themselves a cup 'on the house' when they arrive.  When I worked at Maggie Moo's Ice Cream, I would make extra milk shakes for myself..... but that is a different story.
(Andrew's Note: Here's that different story - she made extra milkshakes for herself.  She was also Maggie Moo's best milkshake seller of all time cause she winked at all the boys and flirted them into a milkshake or three) 

Behind the School Bus School Bus Drivers... not only do you get to wake up early, but you have to put up with 50 pop tart filled wigglers!
 (Andrew's Note: The best man at my wedding was a bus driver for a little while.  Chances are, he was the one filled with pop tarts.  He used to put on NPR in the mornings and listen to them all whine about his "boring radio".  One day a month he let them listen to their music while he complained about how many brain cells were gushing out his ears while he listened to hip hop.)

 All in all, mornings aren't my thing.  7:45 AM classes are also not my thing, but my contract says otherwise.  Luckily, 7:45 AM Band class means lethargic, quiet band zombies... which is fine with me.
(Andrew's Note:  Nothing's worse than a peppy, wound-up band zombie)
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  1. I feel for you Allison. I've been sleeping in, but thats after getting up at least once a night to feed a baby that must be going through the longest growth spurt ever! Anyways, I Appreciated Andrew's notes. :)

  2. I also wake up at 5:30, but my alarm clock doesn't have a snooze button and is super cute. Yes, it's Will! He wide awake, usually poopy, and ready to go at 5:30 7 days a week! I love reading Andrew's tidbits of info!