September 22, 2010


The Old Running Shoes
So, last January Andrew and I could barely run a mile.  And now.... drum roll please, we are officially signed up for our first half marathon in Atlanta!  

Whoot.  Go team.

We'll actually be in Atlanta as we usually are for Thanksgiving break, and this time around we'll be earning our Turkey dinners, as we have 2 that we attend.

Below is our course map, and it is seriously stressing me out as I'm only at 9 miles, but we've got almost 2 months until race day.  My biggest concern is the hills in Atlanta.  The biggest hill in Houston is the steps up to my front door. (no, seriously)

Anyway, aside from all of that, our entire lives revolve around running now, which is more brain power than I've ever exerted in my entire life to anything sports related.  For that matter, it's more brain power than Andrew or I combined have ever exerted towards any sports event.  We plan our meals around running, our social life around running .... the people at the gym even recognize us when we come in... 

On the bright side, I think I have leg muscles now!  And Andrew's looking very buff!  Go band nerds!

So here's the course... (deep breaths, deep breaths)

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  1. I must admit,I am very impressed with you. I recall talking to you about your running then...and to think about what you can do now. Impressive. Keep it up.

  2. When this running fad is over, join us for Crossfit!

    For the record, the Heberts hope to sabotage all of your running plans with delicious dinners out...or that you cook for us...mwahahaha!

  3. Hi
    We went to China for a month this summer to work as english teachers and travel around the contry :) it was greate!
    We miss you to, and it is fun to read your blog, very impressed about the half maraton!!!

    We were actually just thinking about you, we are planning to go to Island next summer, and were thinking that maybe you would like to come to Norway/Island, and joyn us :)?!

    Silje and hans