November 26, 2010

Take that, sports.

 So we ran our first Half-Marathon!  Frikin' 13.1 miles!  I'd be jumping up and down but I don't plan on moving off the couch until our second Thanksgiving meal of the day has been served.  I actually cried at the end.  I CRIED.  (Are any of my band students reading this??? It's their goal to make me cry when they graduate....)  And the tears weren't from the pain (well, only two tears were for the knee and hip pain), the rest were for the fact that we accomplished something huge... wow, narcissism anyone?(Andrew's Note: I didn't cry.  Nobody was all that excited around me, plus I was concentrating on not tripping over the raised finish line.  As shallow as this sounds, my hope was to cross the finish line before the girl with a prosthetic leg, but alas she put on a nice rally at the end and smoked me.)

(Andrew's Note:  Yay for Adrienne!!!  She is absolutely the reason we did this race...she told us "Hey, there's a 10K in Atlanta over Thanksgiving.  We should do it!"

2 weeks later: "My bad, it's a half marathon.  See you there!!"  We're seriously indebted to her for making us do such a ridiculous test of our own stupidity :-)

It's a miracle that this actually sporting ability (see previous post about golf) consists of one year of baseball when I was 11 (and I only got one hit all season and missed every fly ball out to my right field prison) and roller hockey where I managed a half a goal and mostly just waited till I could go to the snack bar and get some pizza.  Oh and laugh at "that guy" (at every skating rink) with the blond mullet, tight white jeans, teal popped-collar polo shirt and white skates who did tricks in the middle of the rink.  Anyway...) 

Thats right kids, I beat him!

Bwa ha.  (There was somebody behind me.  That's all I can ask for)

For those of you Texans that haven't made it to Atlanta, let me give you an overview of the city.  One word, hills.  The funny thing is, Atlantans (Atlantinians....??) (Andrew's Note: Atlantintionanists) continually say that there aren't that many hills.  You people are psychotic.  As mentioned in a previous post, Houston doesn't contain one hill, except for the ones on golf courses.  So Houston runners have to travel to the "hill country" to practice running hills.  Did we do this?.... No.   Waaay too much trouble.  (Andrew's Note: We do, however, go to the Hill Country for barbecue...see previous post).

Anyway, we both finished and celebrated with excellent Thanksgiving meals at each families' house.... Here's how I justify the meals:

13.1 miles = at least 1300 calories 
2 meals= at least 1300 calories

Conclusion:  We broke even!

Yes, I am running here.

My 6 favorite letters of the alphabet.

Adrienne's training partners (way more buff than either of us) (Hey, we all got the same silver-y bronze medal)

This was staged.  (Ew)

Please take the picture so I can sit.

Fun Fair Positive Running, everyone gets a medal even if you suck.

Awww... I didn't get a hug from her!  (Thank goodness they gave us foil so we can bake like potatoes)



  1. Congratulations to you two! So when's the full??????

  2. Andrew - Congrats on finishing. The first of many more. I like they way you post comments in the blog. It works really well. Funny.

    Ann's Dad

  3. Made my day reading about how Andrew wanted to finish before the girl with the prosthetic leg. Probably was not meant to be humorous, oh well. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. :)

  4. Hey guys! There's a great 5K here in Atlanta in the spring! Let's do it!!

    ...oooh my bad, it's an Iron Man Triathlon. Ok! See ya there!

  5. So impressive! Seriously, I so wish I could do that! Don't you want to come visit us and run a race in Switzerland in the Spring?!