December 8, 2010


 Happy Birthday to Chris, my younger brother!  (Andrew's Note: Woot!) This boy has been a force to be reckoned with since he was born.  My mom, in fact, had to sit on him to make him sleep as a kid because he moved so darned much.  (I still have to sit on him just to have a conversation...)

My earliest memories of Chris involved him on a leash... yes, a leash.  Evidently, Mom and Dad had perfected their parenting techniques after 2 years of me.  Chris was hooked up to a leash anytime we left the house.  Going to 7-eleven?  Leash.  Going to visit Daddy at work?  Leash.  Walking the dog? 2 leashes!
No wonder the Won Ton and Chile love Chris, they have a common heritage.
Notice only Chile has a leash on here, Chris wouldn't cooperate.
 There are so many things I could tell you about Chris but I only have space for my favorites.  Chris is so much fun to hang out with.  I think some people have iffy relationships with their siblings, but not in our family.  Lindsey, Chris and I, while each having incredibly distinct personalities, (!!!) love hanging out with each other on the weekends.  (If he'll stop selling his dang blowers long enough to grace us with his presence...)  My parents probably regretted having us 2 years apart from each other when we were younger, but it's been so much fun now that we're older.
Me:  What do I do with it?  (I know - boss it around!) 
Just think Mom, you still have one more to go!
Chris is one of those people who makes the party when he arrives.  He can talk to anyone and be friends with them in 2 minutes.  He's just darned charming.  With that though, comes the ability to know what makes people tick, and get ticked off.  Chris loves to instigate.  Dinner time conversations at the Livingston household these days can get pretty issue ridden, mostly due to Chris.  (Exhibit A -  Allison: "How was work, Chris?" Chris: "Pretty good.  I heard this thing on NPR on the way was about how music teachers are slowly ripping apart the fabric of our culture and speech pathologists are nothing but a left wing conspiracy.  And Baylor sucks."  A:  "WHAT? That's ridiculous!!  blah dee blah dee blah for a half an hour, Lindsey still hasn't gotten a word in, Allison hasn't stopped yelling and Becky and I continue to enjoy the show until Steve pulls out his iphone and starts playing hip hop.   Thus....dinner)
Such a cutie!  (He's smiling cause he's done something terrible....)
Chris is one of the most generous people I've ever met, spending way too much on gifts for all of us and his life has always seemed way more exciting than mine...  His adventurous spirit has allowed him to take way too long finishing college and having about twice as much as I ever did finishing it (I notice a pattern here).  He spent 6 months in China studying Chinese and 9 months at Disney world.....interning??  (Have a magical day.)
(This is photoshopped in)
 But despite all of that, and the fact that he doesn't look like a nerd (he's hott), he still participates and likes all the nerdy things that make up Andrew's and my life.  

Having a frapaccino while awaiting the 7th Harry Potter book at Barnes and Noble. I really don't need to label who's who. (HEY!!)

  Our family would be so boring with out Chris, he is unique and fun and I love him so much!
I love this girl so much too!  (Power to the Great Dane/ Scottish Culture lovers!  Hizzle!)

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  1. omg- your blog is so funny! I laughed out loud about Chris on a leash! And Andrew's notes are golden- post more!!!