February 26, 2011

Go Texan Day... Defined.

This was our conversation in the bathroom yesterday morning:

Me:  Husband!  Today is "Go Texan Day"!  I need to find something to wear!

Andrew:  No response.

Me:  Husband, do you know what Go Texan Day is??

Andrew:  Something about the Alamo?  Right?  Ladybird Johnson and David Bowie protected all the wildflowers against Santa Maria and his Mexican army?  Why do I have to dress up for that??

Me:  Husband!  How have you lived in Texas 4 years and not know about Go Texan Day???!

Andrew: Observe:
1) I didn't grow up here
2) I didn't take Texas Brainwa....I mean Texas History
3) You Texans have so many holidays about somebody defending something, standing up against something, riding something, or shooting something....it's hard to keep them all straight  

Me:  Yes, yes... we really don't need the United States, we're here to make them look goodBut that's not important right now.  Go Texan Day is when the Trail Riders ride into town!!!!

Andrew: Ride?  Not rode? Like, they're riding into town today??

Me:  Yes, for the rodeo!  They'll be on the highways today in covered wagons and horses.

Andrew:  Some of us have to go to work!  This city has enough traffic with just cars!!  Look, today is free dress day.  I don't have anything Texan to dress in.  I don't even have boots!  I do have a hobbit costume, a Braveheart costume, a Darth Maul costume, and I could probably pull together a convincing Harry Potter if I went to buy some glasses.  Will those work?

Me:  Hobbit costume???!!  What the frik??  You have to wear jeans, boots, a cowboy hat, and a cowboy shirt today.  No exception.  Everyone in Houston will be dressed this way today, you can't let your "non-Texan-ness" show... they'll dump you at the Louisiana border! 

Andrew:  I don't have any of that.  Nobody's going to be dressed up for this anyway - it's just an obscure excuse for people to ride horses on the Beltway.  I don't recognize your weird Texas holidays.  I have to go let the dogs out.
2 hours later:
Soo....apparently this is a big thing...as I found out when I walked into school and EVERY pre-K kid had a tiny cowboy hat and boots on and half my middle schoolers were wearing something Texas-y.  Teachers were remeniscing about when they took their kids to the boot store for their first Go Texan Day and, yes, there were horse riders on the major highways.

Texas - 1, Andrew - 0



  1. Come on Andrew! Just pretend your a proud Texan! Allison~ I'd love to see your "Go Texan Day" outift! :)

  2. You should buy a Kilt with the Texas flag on it.