March 5, 2011

Things that annoy me (and me) ...

Things that annoy us...

1.  Baby shower games.

(The point of a shower is to give gifts, not to make
your attendees eat fake Hershey poop in a diaper)

2.  Beta fish that won't die.

(I mean seriously Clef, we're going on 3 years here...
and I feed you a heck of a lot less that I used to...
what's it going to take?) (Flat out NOT feeding it doesn't work either.  I've tried.  It's developed some way of turning the bleach spray scum floating on the top of its water into food I think.)

3.  People who leave voice messages.

(It's the 21st century, text me.)
(Seriously, don't leave her a message.  She'll never check it.)

4.  Mandatory wearing of dresses on chapel days at school.

(Just seems a bit sexist)

5.  Dachshunds who jump into flower pots.

(What, is is more fun to pee in here?)
(Oddly, they don't jump into the cheap flowers...only the expensive 
and rare Southeast Asian Kaffir Lime Tree that I was given for 
Christmas and am barely able to keep alive on the best of days)

6.  Small talk.

(This actually covers a lot of conversations, 
not just small talk, so watch yourself.)

7.  Christian music that isn't well written.

(Christians aren't allowed to use more than 4 chords) 

8.  Being nice.
(Andrew made me put this one in)  
(I merely suggested.  She put it in.)

9.  Dramatical people.

(How do you care so much?)

10.  Cheesy commercial music.
("Houston Fertility Instituuuuuute, it's about liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife")

11.  Indecisiveness.
(Where do you want to eat for dinner husband?)

In the interest of full disclosure, I did decide very quickly on a different picture here, but I did not prevail.)


1. Socks that are put together in the laundry pile 
but are not the same kind.

2. The Poodle Lady
There's a creepy poodle lady in our neighborhood who walks the 'hood everyday with 6 poodles, none of whom are on a leash and 2 of whom are carried in a baby stroller.  
Sorry I don't have an actual picture of this spectacle...I'll try to get one


3. Cats (Sorry, cat people)

(He wanted to put "Josh")

4. People with symbols in their name and mind-numbing lyrics in their songs.  
Oh wait, just Ke$ha!

Perhaps...if Ke$ha releases a new album

5.  The Instant Replay in Wii Tennis.  Just press A, people!!!
Please...we don't have to watch the shot EVERY TIME!

6. Mullets

Maybe they remind me too much of Kentucky.

7. 90210...any decade...cause it's just as ridiculous now

Let's count the deceased careers, shall we?
Your time will come.

8. Negative people
How 'bout a little optimism?

9. Dramatical people :-)
See picture above - I can't stop laughing at it

10. People who have no sense of humor

11.  Chile

The reasons why are a blog post unto themselves.
Looks cute and innocent, right?  WELL HE'S NOT!!  HE'S NOT!

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  1. love it. i thought i was the only one who had random pet-peeves that drive me up the wall.
    and the dramatic pic = :D