March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband!

Husband, you're old!  
Just kidding.... ; )

One of my favorite things about Andrew is that he spends all 364 days after his birthday reminding me that the exact amount of day and time it is until his next birthday.  You'd think with him turning 31 this year the reminders would have diminished, but no... I guess he is allowed this luxury though, because Andrew was born 3 months early!  So birthday's are kind of a huge thing for him!
There are so many things I love about this handsome, quirky and amazing man, here are just a few:

Andrew is awesome... because he knows how to take care of me!
One of our Valentine's dinners, isn't he so dapper?

Andrew is awesome... because he is willing to give everyone a chance....
First candidate... Allison Livingston.

Andrew is awesome... because he puts up with demanding people.
Andrew asked me to this formal dinner before he officially asked me to date him.
I made him promise to ask me to date him.

Andrew is awesome... because he loves adventure even more than I do. 
Backpacking through Asia?... yes, please.

Andrew is awesome... because he cooks...with pizazz.
Andrew chops onions with goggles on....not kidding.

Andrew is awesome... because he really belongs in the English country side, in a kilt... herding sheep. 
Ren Fest...  year 1.

Ren Fest year 2... oh wait, that's right kids, we're STILL dressed up.

Andrew is awesome... because he doesn't act like a stuffy adult.
Legos as a Christmas gift...  and he took a picture of every figure he made.
Was this when he was 12??... nope, last year.

Said figure.

Andrew is awesome because... he uses any opprotunity to dress up.
Why wear normal clothes when leopard print shoes and a zebra jacket are available?
This is so embarrassing.

I love you so much husband and would be so lost and just a puddle of confusion without you.  Thanks for keeping track of me and keeping loving me.  I love you!

For the record, there are more pictures of Andrew with petting zoo animals than there are with me. 

Again the animals.

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