July 25, 2011

More Wexford - Trad Music and the Irish National Heritage Site

We're still in Wexford!  And, while this town isn't exactly hopping, it is relaxing!
We had a delicious breakfast made by our B&B owner, Maurice (pronounced like "Morris").  Tried blood sausage and actually liked it.  

We had a lazy day today, quite nice.  Spent the morning reading in the "guest sitting room" of the B&B with a cup of tea.  Then we headed to downtown Wexford to see if the shops were open.  (Andrew's Note: They definitely were not.  Wexford is a ghost town until about 1 o'clock.)  We had also heard that there would be a traditional (trad) music session at one of the pubs after lunch so we sauntered in that direction as well.  

While shopping in an antique store, we found a sale on watches.  Poorly phrased though... : )

Apparently a hooker can also be a watch that hooks on to something.  Pretty cheap for that, too I guess.

Then next 3 hours or so were spent in the pub listening to some incredible traditional Irish music played by local pub frequenters.  I read my Nook, had 3 cups of tea and was pretty much in heaven for all three hours.  Why can't all Sunday afternoon's be like this?!  (Seriously!)

Yes please

Trad music session in a pub!  Awesome!!
Andrew then insisted that we visit the Irish Heritage Center, which I was none too excited about.  Turns out though that is was a really interesting and historically accurate depiction of the many different people groups that settled Ireland and how they lived.

Many of the structures had real thatched roofs, and they roof thatcher was there working on one of the roofs.  We learned that he is the only person in Ireland who knows how to accurately thatch a house.  Job security.

Our guide through the Irish National Heritage Centre standing next to a hut

A Viking boat.  Yordie yord!
After a bit more relaxing in our little sitting room, we ordered Chinese takeout.  Turns out a Chinese accent in Ireland is just the same as a Chinese accent in the US.  I was mildly disappointed.

Tomorrow we're back to Dublin to tour the Guinness Factory and see the 'Book of Kells' before we pack up and ship out for Houston.  Should be fun!


  1. Blutwurst is the best! ;)

  2. 2 things:
    1) You stayed at the space cowboy's b&b?
    2) That pub looks almost identical to one in fairfax VA, where they have live (seemingly legit) music every Sunday afternoon.