July 26, 2011

Last Day :-( Back to the Oppressive Heat

Well, this is it folks.  Our last day across the pond.  I'm writing this from a pub in the Temple Bar area of Dublin.  We just heard a great set by a guitar and whistle/uilleann pipe player...I've got an awesome video that we'll try to upload when we get back.  We drove back to Dublin from Wexford and I'm proud to say that my driving record   was spotless (Allison's Note:  Except for that side mirror that you hit on that random car outside Trinity.)  I even got irritated with a guy who did a roundabout wrong :-)  When we got back to Trinity College we went to the Book of Kells exhibition here.  The Book of Kells is the 4 Gospel books of the New Testament written in Latin in about 800 AD.  It was really neat to see that - the pages are like works of art!

Then we went to the Guinness Factory here in Dublin.  It is a massive place and it has a really good exhibit in there.  They've spent a lot of money to make it nice and interesting.  I guess they have the money to spare considering the Irish alone drink 6 million pints of it PER DAY.  (The population of Ireland is about 6.5 million, by the by.)
An entrance to the monstrosity


Are you Irish?  You'll need a few more of these to meet your quota today, then.

Now that we're at the end, here's a top ten list for you!

Andrew's Top Ten Things He Will Miss About The UK & Ireland

10)  The friendly Irish people!
9)  Things that are 700 years older than our country
8)  Quaint pubs
7)  Evensongs in cathedrals
5)  The pub/social culture here
4)  Castles!   
3)  Westminster Abbey and York Minster Cathedral
2)  Biscuits...particularly Chocolate HobNobs
1)  Actual public transportation and not having to drive around all the time!!

Allison's Top Ten Things She Will Miss About The UK & Ireland in no particular order:
10) Efficient public transportation
9)  It being light out side until at least 10 PM every night
8)  Running in cool weather
7)  Having tea in a pub
6)  Having tea in a pub any time of day anywhere
5)  Having tea in a pub any time of day anywhere while reading my Nook
4)  Live traditional pub music
3)  Nice cool weather in July, wish I could wear jeans and scarves everyday!
2)  Picnic in Windsor Castle's gardens
1)  Saying 'cheers!' or 'hi-ya' to everyone... and likewise having everyone make me repeat myself when I say "y'all"   : )

Bye bye, Europe!  It was great!!!

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  1. awww sounds like a great trip!
    welcome back to 110degree heat! woohoo!
    and you didn't mention trying any Guinness. ;)