October 10, 2011

Meet Minnie!!

Well hey!  (Andrew's Note: Hi!)

We're back!  

Turns out... blogging every day can be a bit like eating delicious apple pie everyday... eventually you get tired of it. (Who gets tired of delicious apple pie??) Or out of ideas.  Or everything you write sounds dumb... kind of like that last sentence.  Yes.

Moving on.  So its October and we've had a great last two months.  I cut my hair super short, school started, and we've spent the last 60 days bemoaning the fact that we're not in London, but other than the usual... we do have some great news!
Short hair, at a FB game with my band, NOT IN LONDON

We're preg........ parents!  PET PARENTS!  (Bahahahahaha!!!  We made you think something else!!)  Yep, we're now "those people".  The ones with 3 dogs.  And not just any three dogs.  We've added a new breed to the mix.  More on that later.  Now for Andrew.

Andrew is a 'live-in-the-moment' kind of guy.  Planning ahead?  Not his style.  (Planning ahead takes the adventure out of life.)  Which coincidentally makes for messy conversations with Allison .... me.  I'm a plan ahead kind of girl.  Like everything.  I can tell you probably to the minute I'll be doing for the next 2 years.  (You think she's kidding...)

Monday October 10th at 8:30 AM?  Running 11 miles.
Monday October 10th at 9:35 AM?  Regretting running 11 miles.
(Incidentally my plan is the same but I regret it before and after)

Everything is predictable and therefore happy.  I like being happy.  So you can appreciate my consternation (SAT word!) when I come home from a well-planned day of work and husband says we should adopt a dog.  Really?  Like another dog?  It's been six years with Chile and Won Ton and they still can't "sit" on command, (Nobody can tell if they're sitting anyway!) something tells me another dog in the mix is a recipe for disaster... or more poop.  Then he tells me that his life long dream has come true and he found an amazing dog from a local rescue here in Houston.

Which rescue husband?

Oh my.....  

I'm reading this book right now called "For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men" by Shaunti Feldhahn.  And it's really good!  I'm learning all sorts of stuff about how to understand husbands that for some reason, was never covered in our marriage counseling.  Don't worry babe, by the time I'm done I'll be the perfect wife!  (I thought about writing a comment here, but there are few things I could say except "You already ARE the perfect wife" that would not get me sent to said new dog's crate for the night.)  [Allison's Note:  hehe]

: )

So I'm learning that supporting my man is in fact, something good and necessary.  Good stuff right? 
... Even when husband wants a Great Dane?  
Even when Great Dane is 130 lbs?  
Do I get a gold star now?  (Ding ding ding!!)

Meet Minnie!

Her name is "Minnie" and she is awesome.  (No, really!!)  She is huge and beautiful and has the best disposition.  Won Ton loves her!  Andrew adores her!  And I have to admit that she really is growing on me, having only had small dogs all my life.... we adopted her Wednesday and she's doing great transitioning into Redmon-ness.  Andrew's in heaven, I've found him asleep twice in the past two days sprawled across the couch snuggled up against Minnie.  It seems I've been replaced!  : )  No worries though, he's so happy and that's good!  

Now for more dog nerd stuff, here's Andrew:
 Well. :-)  She is definitely wonderful.  The wife, not the dog.  Actually...the dog is wonderful too, but....nevermind.  Yes, I had a dream.  That one day I could not have to stoop down to pet my dog.  I had a dream that my dog would be able to sit on a couch with her butt and have her front legs on the ground.  I had a dream that cars would wreck from staring at my dog walking down the street.  I had a dream.

Today, my friends, that dream is reality.

By the way, Dean Jones went to Asbury!
I think the first time I heard much about Great Danes was in college when I watched the Great Dane episode of "Breed All About It" on Animal Planet (It's not what you think.)  I've pretty much wanted one ever since.  I've read books about them, looked up pictures of them, I've even fostered one for a week!  [Rufus!  We miss you!]  Anyway, we've been following the GDRST on Facebook for about the past year and watching dogs come in and be adopted out.  Many of them have skin conditions and medical issues, and Minnie just came up recently as a sweet old girl looking for a home.  Her former family had her for several years and threw her outside for the past 2 years because she damaged a door or something.  Not a good idea - Danes are family dogs and keeping them away from people is not good for them.  They finally had the sense to turn her over to the rescue and that's when we found her!  

She's been fantastic so far.  It's definitely an adjustment from little dogs to big dogs, even if you've had them before.  Say what you will about dachshunds, but they are clean little dogs.  I think watching a Great Dane eat is preparing me to have a baby slobbering on me :-) [Poop?... pee?... how exactly does slobbering compare to these husband??]

Here are a few pictures from the last few days!
Exploring the yard

"Why must you shove a camera in my face?"

First car ride.  The driver has the unfortunate job of having to look in the rear view mirror...

Much better
 We went out to the Boneyard today, although it was raining so we hung out inside.  We thought it was time for Minnie to meet her new brother-in-law, Jake the lab.  They got along SO well!  

Playing with Jake, the lab-in-law!  Watch out Won Ton, I think she likes Jake better...

Our future sister-in-law's parents gave us a new toy for Minnie to play with today....here are the results:

Good times at the Redmon zoo...er, house. 
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  1. finally! the Redmon blog is back up and running!!! and now i have something to enjoy besides marching band. :/
    (cuz otherwise, i have no life, remember?)
    this post is exactly why i miss you guys.
    and the vid. was hilarious!