June 3, 2012

How our honeymoon was almost ruined by George Lucas

What does this picture have to do with Star Wars?  Nothing!  But I have a pretty flower in my hair!!
Andrew and I spent our honeymoon on Amelia Island, Florida.  (Andrew's Note: Please keep reading..I promise this won't be awkward.)  His Dad owned beautiful vacation house on this plantation thing... so it was essentially a 3 week honeymoon...for free.  Which was convenient because Andrew and I had NO MONEY.

When I say no money, I really do mean no money.  Our bank account's grand total was ($8) and a handful of Target and Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards that were given to us at our wedding.  And you can only last so long on Target groceries.  Twizzlers Pull and Peels will get you only so far in life, although if I had a choice of candy to live off of, I'd go with the Twizzlers.  Sugar and fun all 'twisted' into one efficient little rope!  I'm all about interactive candy. 

... I seem to have gotten off topic, what was I saying?  (Money)

Riiight.  So we had no money.  But we DID have our priorities straight!  Andrew and I were out one night of our honeymoon and saw the new versions of the original Star Wars DVDs for sale.  (I can see how you'd be confused...which Star Wars DVDs??  The original ones, but the newer versions of them.  No, not BluRay.  No, no, not the first movies.  Wait, yes the first movies, but the first ones that were made, not the first ones chronologically.  But...ok, the first ones in our chronological time, not the Star Wars universe!  OK FINE EPISODES 4, 5, AND 6 BUT THE RE-RELEASES OF THEM WHERE THEY CHANGED STUFF!!)  "Holy frik!" we said, "We need these!"  And we did.  Very much.  After all, owning all three of the original (original as in the ones where...AHHHH NEVERMIND!)  DVDs isn't enough for nerds like us, if George Lucas makes it, we buy it.  Same movie with a CG creature here and there?  Yes please.

But the issue was the cost.  It was... drum roll please... fifty dollars.  $50??!!  Yep.  A real doozie folks.  Well for us anyway, it was.  I think we promised each other that we wouldn't eat anything more expensive than Ramen for the remainder of the honeymoon.  Just for Star Wars.  Worth it?  Yes.  So when I remember our honeymoon, 7 years ago, I remember lots of time on the beach, no money and Star Wars.  Good times had all around.  (My memories include more stuff.  Sorry, I know I said this wouldn't get awkward.)

Andrew... surf fishing!  Or seaweed fishing, depends on your perspective.

Today, like 7 years ago, Andrew and I headed back to the beach.  If you can call Galveston, TX the beach (ew)...  On our way there we probably spent over $100 on just junk food and fishing stuff  (not even including gas)... ah the irony.  Thank goodness for jobs that pay money.  Today was our official first day of summer too, so the beach just felt right.  Don't get me wrong, I'd rather be in the Grand Caymen Islands than Galveston, but that pesky money thing, and that pesky we're-moving-out-of-the-country-in-two-months thing kind of got in the way.  No worries though, we made the best of it and spent the day surf fishing and working on our freckles... cough, tans.

The guy in the bait shop asked Andrew if he realized a girl was taking pictures of his butt. (I said these things just happen, I can't control them.)

Andrew is a great (....) surf fisherman. (See this post if you're interested/bored to tears.)

To prepare, we stopped by a local bait shop and pick up a bucket of wiggly nastiness that smells like its been scrapped out of our dog's mouths.  Evidently, fish are into it.  Nerds.  Then Andrew spent 38 minutes trying to find the beach in Galveston.  He got lost.  Which is hard to do when the ENTIRE ISLAND IS A BEACH.  What is is with guys and GPS?  It won't bite you husband.  (I smell a whole different blog post coming here.) When we finally arrive to the perfect spot, we set up camp.  Andrew caught his first fish within the first 10 seconds of fishing.  Go husband!  Sorry fish.  He also did a great job of cleaning up the beach of seaweed all morning long.  How nice of him! 

1st catch of the day, the fish... not the seaweed.
I think the fish is intimidated by the seaweed.

Both beings in this picture are making the same expression. 

Never a good thing when your stomach is the same color as your husband's shirt.  Stupid runners tan. 
All in all, a fun day!  And, despite the picture above, which was taken when we arrived, we both (I) got a bit more tanned!  This seems logical as we are moving to a beach town and don't want to look like Minnesotans in Florida.  They might kick us out.  Or force me to wear an abaya all the time to cover my blinding white skin.  

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