June 15, 2012

A Summer in Pictures

Burgers and grilled artichokes.... I think more butter than actual meat was used in the making of this dinner.

Summer has begun!

Andrew and I have been enjoying it with a vengeance that rivals the Houston heat.  And since going outside these days is just not a necessarily wise idea between 9 AM and 7 PM (Andrew's Note: Try 7am and midnight), we find as many indoor activities to keep us busy as possible.  And here's a hint, those activities involve lots of eating.  : )  When people come to visit us in Houston, we never know what to do with them.... I mean... what is there to do in Houston other than NOT go outside or go to NASA?  Again, not sure.  But our method of entertainment involves BBQ, Mexican and grilling.... one per night and rotate throughout a given week to ensure best possible outcome.  (With the occasional nose-to-tail weirdness mixed in!  Or this new one that we haven't tried yet!) 

This past week we were excited to have Elizabeth, my roommate from Asbury University, come and visit us.  Yay for Elizabeth!  She put up with me for four whole years!  Dang.  (Dang.)  She definitely needs a gold star...Or maybe two.  This was the last time I'd get to see her before the move to Saudi, so I'm glad she could make it down from IL! (I think it's pronounced "Ihleenwah")  As mentioned above, we did not make it to NASA.  Sorry you had to miss out on that confused little adventure Elizabeth.  Comments husband??  (Poor NASA.  It really has a great start with the whole "original Mission Control" thing and several rockets and capsules (and now the shuttle simulator from FL (pronounced "Flo Rida")....but they have this pesky habit of filling the place with annoying kids' programs that have NOTHING to do with space.  For instance, you could go to the Space Center and spend all day at the "SpongeBob Super Summer of Spectacular Fun Time" exhibit or perhaps the "Super Scary Creatures Summertime Fun Time" exhibit!

 ANYWAY.  And you wonder why we didn't get a real Shuttle....) 

Instead, we took a trip to the hill country of Texas, specifically New Braunfels, to go tubing on the Guadalupe River.  It was supremely relaxing.  Actually, it was relaxing until about 1:30 PM when all the drunk college kids decided to emerge from their hangovers long enough to tube down a river and drink some more.  Luckily, jello shots were banned this year.  : ) 

Enough talking.  Pictures! 

Pedicures with Elizabeth!
Elizabeth's first trip to Buc-ee's!  I made sure she used the restrooms.
My favorite place to eat in the hill country, the Gristmill in New Braunfels!
Sangrias just scream summer, don't you think? ("SUMMEEEERRRRRR AHHHHHEIEWRDS
At the Gristmill, they write your name on the board when your table is ready.  Kind of makes you nervous like being back in school and you had to go to the board to demonstrate a math problem.  Deep breaths... deep breaths.. PEMDAS.
Remember this place?? We've only done like 10 blog posts about it - here's one.  Andrew was so excited about the BBQ that he forgot to smile.  His bad.  (Truthfully, my arteries are seizing up.)

Tubing down the river time!
Yet again more amazing burgers, these time grilled by my brother Chris.  This recipe featured a burger loaded with potato chips.  Crunchy and juicy!  ("Ew, is the lens covered in grill condensation??" you ask...NO it's Instagram.)

See the cheese and potato chips?  This burger changed my life.
Aww look at us, all dressed up and ready for a wedding.  FYI... this was the first time since the last day of school that I put on makeup.  And thus why summer is awesome.  (....fantastic.)

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  1. Ich Bin Ein Berliner7/25/12, 8:39 PM

    i will definitely have to try the burger-potatochip recipe! Kudos to Chris for trying it out!
    reading your blog reminds me why i am going to miss you guys so much.